Start pilot project

Pametnija Zgrada is preparing for the launch of the first building: a 20-apartment flagship development:

  • Affordable and economically sustainable housing
  • For people with average and lower incomes
  • Joint (co-operative) ownership of the building
  • Non-profit, not speculative principles
  • High energy performance

It is envisioned as a 4-storey building with a total apartment floor area of 1.000m2 net, located in Belgrade’s 3rd construction zone. It incorporates a range of apartments for different living requirements, including single users, families and cohousing arrangements. The base housing unit is a 40m2 studio apartment for up to two people (living/sleeping room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom), while the largest apartment would be organised as a co-housing (120m2).

An essential feature of Pametnija Zgrada is over 10% of shared resident facilities (130m2), that gives additional qualities to life in the buildings, while also providing opportunities for additional income generation for the cooperative (e.g. venue hire).
It will be constructed according to the Passive House energy efficiency standard, cutting utility costs by 40%.

The co-operative invests in the construction of the building with 20% equity (partly from member participation, partly from donations), while remaining funds are obtained via a collective loan.