About us

The Pametnija Zgrada (Smarter Building) model has been created and developed since December 2012 within the platform Ko Gradi Grad (Who Builds the City), considering the specific housing conditions in Belgrade and Serbia. In 2019, Housing Cooperative Pametnija Zgrada has been incorporated, the first housing cooperative established in Belgrade in the last almost twenty years.   

Ko Gradi Grad is addressing the housing issue from several directions, including legal advocacy and direct action. We organised more about 50 meetings, working tables, site visits, lectures with guest experts in different fields, from Serbia and abroad. This model is a result of this collective work done so far, that involved over 40 people with various backgrounds. As such it was recognised and awarded on the MILD Home (Modular, Intelligent; Low Cost, D-I-Y) architectural competition. In our focus are community-based financial models to realise the idea od Pametnija Zgrada. To broaden the awareness on the unaffordability of housing in Serbia, we have connected with organizations dealing with housing issues from different angles, implemented the stambenipakao.rs (Housing Hell) campaign, published newspaper Stambeno Pitanje (Housing Issue). For the upcoming years, Ko Gradi Grad has set out to realise the first Smarter Building prototype.